Understanding your business needs

Understanding your business needs

Sustainable and Energy-efficient

  • Green Mark Platinum Certification for green sustainable building design
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable construction materials
  • High-performance double-glazed heat and UV reducing façade
  • Energy efficient central air-conditioning system and LED lighting provisions
  • Water efficient fittings and appliances
  • Energy efficient re-generative lifts & escalators
  • Integrated Building Management System
  • A multitude of green building solutions such as the adaptation of smart
    technologies, energy efficient systems and exhibits strong resource
  • Over 4,146 tonnes of carbon dioxide emission reduction per year

Quality Tenant Space

  • Optimal indoor environment – ample natural lighting and thermal comfort
  • Good indoor air quality – enhanced air filtration via MERV-14 filters & UVC filters, monitoring of carbon dioxide concentration, and periodic air purging
  • Optimum tenant comfort – well-designed acoustics, lighting and air-conditioning systems
  • Extensive green spaces and lush landscaping areas filled with plant and tree species with air-filtering capabilities

Built for Business Continuity

  • Dual power supply from two different PowerGrid substations
  • Dual telecommunications intakes from two different exchanges
  • Independent Mechanical & Electrical systems dedicated for each tower
  • 24/7 supply of chilled water via government district cooling plant, backed up
    by building's standby air-cooled chillers for Tenants' critical air-conditioning load
  • Special building design features for security and safety, with 24/7 integrated Security Management System

Sustaining Sustainability

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